The Catz of Mewz

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"Pick", Mewz Mr. Pickle

"Rocket", Mewz To The Nines (Neuter :)


Mewz Pinky Promise  ("Promise" - retired)

Mewz Please, No Paparazzi! (Penni -retired)

Mewz Patent Pending ("Pat" - spay)

Mewz Hello Sunshine ("Sunshine" - spay)


Retired Kitties  

Mewz Jibba-Jabba  ("Milo" - Retired)

Kids Who've Flown The Nest!

(A very incomplete list of Mewz kitties I have placed.)

"Bo" (formerly "Gus", CFA name TBD)

"Scooter" (CFA name TBD)

"Ozzy" (CFA name TBD) 

"Ollie" (formerly "Cooper", CFA name TBD) 

"Piper" (formerly Sissy, CFA name TBD) 

"Rumor" (CFA name TBD)  

"Charlie" (CFA name TBD) 

 "Peanut" (CFA name TBD)

This is a list of Mewz's cat family, here in sunny Arizona.  This list does not necessarily include Exotic kittens or Persian kittens we may have for sale, nor is it all inclusive of kitties I have placed.  You can access kittens for sale pages by clicking >>here<<.  We occasionally will have adult Exotic Shorthairs and Persians available for sale, too, and those kitties (as available) can be found >>here<<.  Past Kittens can be viewed >>here<<.