TNT Purrfect Tootsie

of Mewz

Silver Patched Tabby and White Persian male. Born 6/2/09.

Tootsie is a very, very unique boy--he is a tri-color male that is proven fertile, AND he has also demonstrated the ability to throw all the colors he displays--which is very unusual indeed!  (The handful of tricolor, fertile males usually can only produce one of the two colors they carry, probably because they are Chimera--two embryos that fused into one kitten in the womb, with a mishmash of "parts" from both embryos.)

Unfortunately, tri-color boys cannot be shown--there is no color class for them.  He is a very nice and correct boy--very substantial with an extremely smooth tophead; small, well set ears; and big, round eyes that look straight into your soul, and melt your heart.  He is even sweeter than he looks, which is saying something!  I'm hoping to bring Tootsie with me to shows for Exhibition when I have some nice babies to show from him--I really believe he is a treasure that needs to be seen! In many cultures male calicos are highly revered because they are thought to bring good luck to their households.  =^..^=  

Tootsie brings to Mewz the inhibitor gene, which is responsible for creating the beautiful silver and smoke coat colorings.  I am so very lucky--I thought it would be many, many years before I would be able to introduce silvers and smokes to my lines, but my very good friend Diana Heinzen saw fit to entrust me with this very special boy now.  There are not words enough to describe my gratitude.

Thank you so much Diana...