Available Adults     Occasionally we have adult Persian and Exotic cats available, for very reasonable prices. 

THIS PAGE IS NO LONGER BEING UPDATED, for reference only. Please visit my Currently Available page : )

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I am working on my cattery plan, and will be placing a few young adults - longhair and short, male and female!

I do not place kitties with health or behavioral problems - which I have come to understand some other breeders do.  

Some kitties who are or will be available: (Pics to the left are clickable - get big when you do!)
  • Smidge - blue and white ESH spay.  Very sweet and personable, and LOVES to play! (Possibly available in a few weeks - due to eye injury/surgery, she is recovering beautifully but needs a little time.)
  • Paisley - blue patch classic tabby and white ESH spay.  Sweetheart.  Follows room to room.  CRAZY when she plays! (PLACED!)
  • Kozi - blue patch tabby (looks like blue tabby!) ESH spay.  VERY easy to care for coat!  Loves to play, and is quite affectionate.  BIG personality. Little bit older, but she doesn't know that.
  • Brownie - brown tabby ESH female.  Pretty girl, SILLY girl : ) She loves to "help", and lives to play! (Need to find a picture of her!)

Possibly available:
 (if the right person/fit comes along)
  • Foggy - black smoke Persian male, Grand Champion, Regional winner - GORGEOUS.  He is also extremely affectionate and sweet.  Would be FUN to show in Premiership - he loves to go!
  • Luna - blue cream ESH spay.  Has an especially amazing coat that feels wonderful.  She loves to play, and is very devoted. (Need to find a better picture of her!) Little bit older, but she is very healthy and robust - many years of love to give!
  • Patricia - cream and white ESH spay.  Laid back, talks occasionally : )  Sweet and likes to play.
  • Pie - red and white classic tabby spay.  Extremely devoted, loves attention, LOVES to play.

Placed! Beautiful Calico Longhair Spay!

Will post better pictures when I get a few minutes : ) None of these show her sweet expression, or gorgeous big copper eyes!

She is a particularly pretty girl - really nice balance of color and markings.  She has the most wonderful feel to her - her coat and body are just silky and voluptuous.  She loves people and playing, and is inclined to follow from room to room when you are busy doing stuff. Her coat is very easy to care for, and she likes to stay neat!

If you are interested, please send me an email telling me about your family and what you are looking for.   

PLACED!  Gorgeous Pure Persian Boy (Neutered)!

Beautiful black and white boy!  His eye color took a while to come in, but it was totally worth the wait -they are GORGEOUS, deep, deep copper.  (Pictures on bed taken 8/22/15.) Very nice boy all the way around - could be fun for someone to show, and he would make an awesome special friend.  He likes to watch TV, help cook and clean, and loves to help you sleep. =^..^=

He is just the sweetest cat. He is VERY people focused - craves attention.  He enjoys grooming, loves to play, and also to just sit with you.  He is very clean, very healthy, VERY friendly.

If you are interested, please send me an email telling me about your family and what you are looking for.  

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