Mewz Pretty, Pretty Paisley

{Rockstar x Kozi

Blue patch tabby and white exotic female, born Aug. 5th.

Paisley, 9 week old Exotic Shorthair Kitten

Paisley at 9 weeks. 

Really like this little girl!  She has especially beautiful coloring and patterning.  I need to get some new pictures up :)  Her strong points would include her heavy bone; super cobby type; heavy, plush coat; super sweet expression--with those large, round eyes, and of course her coloring. =^..^=

Paisley had her first show Dec. 10th and 11th here in Phoenix at the "It's Feline a Lot Like Christmas" show.  She was old enough to enter by 5 days :)  Big kitten division, HUGE exotic class, and lots of campaigners.  She wasn't intimidated in the least!

Paisley got two finals, special thanks to judges Diana Rothermel and Becky Orlando for putting Paisley up, and for your wonderful comments and encouragements about my little girl!

2 Weeks 2 Days 

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