Pictured above is Pinny @ 2wks old, "Mewz Please, No Paparazzi!" 

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=^..^=  Mewz Precious Persians and Exotics strives to offer the best kitties around! Our cats are selected for health, personality, and, of course, correct conformation. They are raised as part of the family--underfoot, and with lots of love.  Many catteries make this claim, but at Mewz we live the life!  Occasionally we may have some love to share--Exotic Shorthair kittens or Persian kittens for sale.

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No kittens available at this time.

3/26/2021 - Please check back later, when COVID has died down.

 I am choosing homes for some loving adult kitties NOW  - if you are interested, please fill out my questionnaire ASAP!

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Exotics and Persians should be sweet, laid back kitties who love life. There is quite a big variety in personality - some are playful and adventurous, some are couch potatoes... NOTE: Cats shed, Exotics shed A LOT! The "shorthair" part of their name is misleading, they have fairly long hair that is very thick - it gives them that round, plushy teddy bear look and feel. They are "shorthair" in comparison to Persians, but nothing like most short hair cats. Please keep this in mind when thinking about adding one of the little darlings to your home. My Exotics FAR out-shed my Persians. They both require regular grooming and baths. The big difference is in caring for the different coat lengths - Persians are more prone to tangles and knots whereas Exotics are prone to clumps that stick together and form mats. I am happy to explain grooming for either or both. : )

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