GC Kim-Con Rockstar Touche' 

of Mewz

Cream and White Van Persian male. Born 4/17/07.

Rockstar granded in just a few shows, finishing at the Phoenix Feline Fanciers It's Feline a Lot Like Christmas show--Dec. 10th and 11th.  Special thanks to judge Betty White--who gave him his first final, and who also awarded him the final points to push him over 200 for his Grand title.

Father of:

^^ Pictures above from Phoenix's It's Feline a Lot Like Christmas 2011 show--he almost had a full coat when he granded!  :) Finally had some ruff, anyway!

Rockstar is the sweetest kitty you could ever care to meet!  He got his start showing and breeding late in life (as these things go for cats), but has just been a treat to work with.  He is a very gentle soul, and wants little more than to please.

His offspring are looking fantastic, and all have shown the same laid-back, sweet character he has.  He is proving to be a very prepotent sire, most notably throwing many aspects of his beautiful head and heavy boning. 
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