These are pictures and info about 2013's litters.  If you are looking for this year's kittens, please click >>Here<< 

Pure JOY! Exotic Shorthair Male Kitten

(Kitten pictured about is Mewz Mr. Pickle, when he was a lil' guy!) 

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2013's Litters  

(PLEASE NOTE: It is rare that I have kittens available when people first inquire.  Kittens from these litters may or may not be available, depending on interest from those I am holding deposits for.  Please email me for more information!)

April 2013 

Milo and Luna's Exotic kittens!  

  • Red and white boy (Peanut), Calico girl (Sweet Pea).  Both with gorgeous markings =^..^=
  • Calico is a longhair; male  is a shorthair =^..^=

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Pick and Secret's Exotic kittens

  • All placed!
  • Four babies - one black and white van LH girl, one blue tuxedo SH boy (with upside down heart on nose), one blue tuxedo SH boy with a blaze, and one very spotty blue and white LH boy.  All are super cute!   =^..^=

Milo and Sunshine's Exotic kittens!  (All LH)

  • Red and white van boy, Boo
  • Red classic tabby and white boy, Crimson
  • Dilute calico higher white girl, Dreamie
  • Dilute calico girl, lower white, Pixie
  • Dilute calico girl, Jewel


Pictures coming soon. 

2012's Litters All placed =^..^=

Litter #1

=^..^=    Rockstar and Luna's Exotic kittens!

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Litter #2 

 =^..^=    Rockstar and Secret's Persian kittens!    

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  • Kittens from Rockstar and Luna born in October are no longer available: Scooter--cream tabby and white shorthair male (with Qianqian in Washington), Sunshine--cream and white longhair female (is staying with me for now). Gus--blue tabby and high white shorthair male--has found a fantastic family in Scottsdale!

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