Luna and Rockstar's Spring 2012 Litter

Kittens from this litter are placed, but Luna will be having another fabulous litter this spring.  Please email me for info! 


Blue and white bi-color Exotic Shorthair male.

He got his name because he was always saying "Pick me!" :)  So I did--he is staying with Mewz.

He has a really strong top-head, big and expressive eyes, beautiful expression, and an awesome coat coming in.  Very sturdily built.   Purrsonality plus! =^..^= Very affectionate, but also loves to play.  He just keeps getting better every day!


Cream and white bi-color Exotic Longhair female. 

She reminds me so much of Sunshine!  Sweet and pretty, she has gorgeous eyes and is just really nice all over.  She has a beautiful expression!  She is super pale cream, so soft and fluffy.  Good bone on this girl.  She loves to play, and gives as good as she gets with her crazy brothers.

Congratulations to Bre and family in Las Vegas!


Cream classic tabby and white bi-color Exotic Shorthair male. 

This little guy loves to play!  He is very, very cute--both in looks and in personality.  He is very active, and will keep his new family amused with his antics =^..^=  He has a very sweet expression, and always wants to be the center of attention.  Every day he gets more affectionate, he loves to spend time on laps getting pets and told how wonderful he is.

He is developing a wonderful tophead; has a beautiful, plush coat; big, round eyes; and a compact, heavy frame.  He gets better every day!

Update: Cooper is going to be spoiled in L.A. :) 

Congratulations to Fei-Fei, Alan, and Cooper ! (Now Ollie!)


(The Wizard of Awwwz!)

Blue and white bi-color Exotic Longhair male. 

Love this guy!  He is soooo laid back, and really wants to please people.  He has a heart of pure gold, and is gorgeous besides.  He is going to have a big, amazing coat.  He has a truly amazing tophead--just like his Daddy's.