2016 Kittens

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Litter #1

Kitten #1 - Crispin Red Tabby ESH Boy. REALLY looks like Mr. C from last fall - we call him his doppelganger : ) Very friendly, pretty high energy, affectionate. Show potential.

Kitten #2 - ButterNut SQUASHY Red Tabby ESH Boy. SUPER affectionate, but also loves to PLAY.  Purr never stops!

I would love to send Crispin and Squashy home together as a pair - if you are interested in an AMAZING pair of kitties, let me know!  They are a little bit older than the others, but still very much kittens and ready to bond with their furever family.  I will separate them, but would love to place as a pair.  I do discount pairs <3

Kitten #3 - Pepper Solid Black ESH Boy - show quality!  Pretty and playful - he is smaller than the two reds. 


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Litter #2 

Kitten #1 - (Silas) Cameo Classic Tabby, ESH Boy. Loves attention and playing, purrs a lot, talks a bit  : ) Really sweet, REALLY affectionate! GORGEOUS coloring - better than pics show!

Kitten #2 - (Sierra) [Placed!] Congrats, Ava! :) Black Silver Tabby ESH Girl.  Very sweet, craves attention.  Less extreme than most of my kitties.

Kitten #3 - (Sybil) [Placed.]  Black Classic Silver Tabby and White ELH Girl.  Possibly show quality. VERY pretty, VERY opinionated : )  Loves attention, and food!

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Litter #3 

Kitten #1 - (Bing!) Red tabby.  ESH Boy. Very nice quality.  This guy is so cute, and always looking for excitement : ) He is VERY affectionate.  

Kitten #2 - (Google!)  Red ESH Boy. Very petite!  Loves to play! Always purring! Very bold personality.


Petcube play sessions:

Schedule coming soon, can also arrange private sessions if you are interested in a couple of particular kitties! 

NOTES:  Like most good breeders, I reserve the right of refusal for the sale of any cat or kitten, at any time and without explanation, prior to delivery. If a deposit has been paid it will be immediately refunded and the contract cancelled without further obligation to the buyer.

Health is important to us!  We only breed PKD, FIV/FelV negative cats. My kitties are free of mites, ringworm, and fleas, and are raised in a clean, home environment. 

All kittens are sold with a contract. 

Prices will vary depending on quality of kitten and terms of contract. I do not sell pet quality kittens with breeding rights, but I frequently place show quality kittens into pet homes.
We spay/neuter our kittens before they go home unless we have a written agreement not to.
Kittens are not ready for new homes until they are usually a minimum of 12 weeks old. Some kittens mature more slowly, and none will be placed until they are developmentally ready - physically and emotionally.  

Kittens will not be held without a deposit, and deposits are not refundable.  When inquiring please take a moment and introduce yourself - where you are located, what kind of kitten you are looking for as well as for show, breeder or pet. If you are a breeder please tell us about your program.

Pricing guidelines:
Price will vary based on the kitten – conformation quality, pedigree, color, etc.  A show quality kitten is still a show quality kitten, even if it will never leave your living room. : )
Pet longhair kittens typically start at about $1000+, shorthair kittens run higher.
Premiership, show, and breeding contracts vary greatly.  Kittens come to you vaccinated, microchipped, with a health guarantee, and are very well socialized – and used to bathing, grooming, etc.

Thank You!  

Past Kittens 

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