AKA "Cookie"

Reg. Name TBD  =^..^= 

Mewz Mr Pickle x TNT Purrfect Secret of Mewz

Black and white van bicolor female Exotic Longhair.

One of the sweetest, most affectionate kittens I have ever had the pleasure of knowing!  She has lots of wonderful physical features including extremely cobby body, excellent "heft", super silky coat, and of course those enormous peepers. 

She is super sweet, very robust and healthy.  She is a neat freak--she keeps herself clean and groomed very well.  Her coat is silky, and not inclined to tangle or pick up stains.  She loves affection, and also really loves to play (with complete abandon, as you can see in the video below!)

Congratulations Roger and Mary and Fanny!  Fanny now has a family of her own, and summer home in the mountains!