Details for prospective parents...

Please take a few minutes to read--it answers a lot of questions I get from new inquiries!

I'm very fortunate to have a lot of interest in my kitties, and I am thankful for this every day.  It is awesome to hear many people share my enthusiasm for the babies my kids are producing for me.  Everyday checking my email is a joy!

With all the interest, I am finding that my model for placing kittens is changing by necessity.  Originally my plan was to update my website often, and place kittens as they neared readiness to go to their forever homes.  I established a waiting list for people who were very interested and that I had prescreened, and an announcement list for people who wanted to know the latest on what Mewz was up to.  Pretty soon I had requests for putting down deposits on planned litters.  Then I found myself guesstimating how many babies to expect, when I had more than a few deposits... 

If you are interested in my kittens, here is what to expect: 

  1. I want to know all about prospective families.  If you include some information in your initial email to me about you, your family (people and pets), where you live, and what you are looking for--it will speed the process along!  I am not looking for "perfect homes" (in fact those often make me suspicious!), I just want to know what kind of situation you have so I can help fit the right kitten in to your situation.  That is something I am really good at, and good fits make for happy kitties, happy families, and much less stress for me :)  
  2. I expect to trade several emails with you--it gives me an opportunity to get to know you, for you to get to know me, for lots of information to trade hands, and for questions to get answered.  You should know that I expect to maintain contact with you throughout the kitten's life.  I want to know how it is doing, I want to support you and the kitten in every way I can.  My kitten's family become my extended family--if you are looking to "just buy a kitten", I may not be the breeder for you :)
  3. If you are serious about wanting a kitten soon (a relative term!), you will likely need to put down a deposit to get in line--and be ready to do a little waiting.  I will tell you early on where I am at with kittens, planned breedings, and deposits.  I can't guarantee a kitten by any certain date--for a number of reasons--not the least of which is that I do not release kittens until they are ready to go out on their own.  Generally that is between 12-16 weeks.  Occasionally I have a kitten who is ready a little early, and once in a blue moon I have a kitten who needs a little longer, but for the most part--12-16 weeks.  Twelve weeks is the norm.
  4. I do not breed pet quality parents to produce kittens for pet homes.  Mewz is my hobby, it is not my source of income.  Every litter I plan is done with the hopes of improving my kitties and the breeds I work with.  I place high quality kittens into pet homes when I have kittens available.  Because I keep things small, my quality standards are high--and my kittens receive love, attention, and training every day.  Because I am meticulous about care and my numbers stay small, Mewz kittens are very healthy and robust--head and shoulders above catteries turning out large numbers of pet kittens.
  5. While I invite inquiries about specific kittens, many of the kittens on my website are often already spoken for.  Occasionally I may have an available kitten "right now", but for the most part they are reserved in advance, by way of deposit.  I may not know who is going where, but I have a pretty good idea if all are spoken for--and lately, that is usually the case--especially if you are looking for a shorthair.  So do ask--just keep that in mind!
  6. Deposit Explanation: (Amalgamated from emails to prospective families) Deposits in my case put you on the short waiting list.   As kittens become available I offer them to the homes I think they are most suited to from that list first.  I am careful to place the right kittens in the right situations for them, and if I am not confident that I will have a good fit for you and your circumstances "soon" (again, a relative term!)--I won't accept a deposit from you. If I feel your home will be hard to fit, I will tell you so--and we will talk about expectations.  I do not breed any more kittens than I could keep forever in a pinch, so I will never place a kitten into a situation I am not confident in.  It makes for happy people, happy cats, and frankly—it is the ONLY way I can let go of the kittens.  Every one that leaves involves lots of tears and grieving on my part (in private!), they are my kids.  The deposit is good until the right kitten comes along and steals your breath away.  I wouldn't have it any other way.  You are welcome to pass on any kittens that you are offered that don’t tickle your fancy 100%--all I ask is that you make a decision within 72hrs of and offer being made, so I can offer him or her to another waiting family in  a timely manner.  You will know all about the kittens by the time decision time comes—I write a lot about everything I am seeing—quality, personality, quirks, traits, likes, dislikes, you name it.  I also take lots of pictures and video.  During this time I figure out who likes whom :) By the time decisions come around, you will be ready!
  7. If we agree a deposit is a good idea, I will send you a PayPal invoice, or we will arrange another payment arrangement at that time.
  8. My kittens are all sold under contracts, which are legal and binding.  The majority of the contract is designed to protect the kitten's well-being, and I take that very seriously
  9. My contracts include a written health guarantee, which is more liberal than many you will run across. :) 
  10. Kitten prices are determined according to each kitten's quality, and the contract they are to be sold under.  I can't guarantee I will have kittens for certain prices, and I can't tell you what a particular kitten will cost until they are old enough to evaluate :)  What I can give you is basic historical information about pricing, and information about how I think a particular kitten in coming along.
  11. I rarely place kittens as breeders/with breeding rights.  If that is something you are interested in, please start talking to me about it early--and expect me to want to get to know you and your goals very well :)  Most kittens I place I prefer to have spayed or neutered before departure unless we have an agreement in place otherwise.
  12. My kittens are usually ready to go home to their new families between 12 and 16 weeks, depending on that maturity level of the kitten, and the home environment it is going to.  Keeping them with me and their kitty families allows them time to become confident and socially aware (with people and their own kind).  At that age I feel confident they are eating well, their bathroom habits are excellent, and their are good for traveling and their grooming routines.  It also helps to ensure lifelong health--they have a very controlled environment here while their immune systems mature, and their immunizations take effect.
  13. Like most of my peers, I reserve the right to cancel a sale (or return a deposit), at any time in the process, for any reason.  
  14. Because of new APHIS/USDA regulations regarding pet sales, shipping pet kittens to new families is no longer possible.  :(  However, for about the same cost (if we do some planning) buyers can fly in to Sky Harbor (PHX) to meet and pick up their kitten, or occasionally I can fly with the kitten to meet the new family.  For those in neighboring states, I am also happy to drive and meet "halfway" :)  And kitties sold as breeding prospects may still be shipped.  These rules affect ALL breeders with more than 4 females.

Thank you for reading this far!     :)    Questions?  Email me!