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I am reorganizing, and so placing several adult kitties. I do have a couple of others I am also considering placing, if there is something you are looking for that isn't represented here, please ask : )  I will continue to update this page as I have time and materials (i.e. pics and video and information).


Pretty blue patch tabby ESH female, spayed.  We say she has secret spots, because the cream patches that make her a patch tabby are hard to find : )  Big, silly personality. She loves attention, but is quite independent for the most part – she isn’t an all over you kinda girl, except when she is.  Usually that is several times every day - where she is in or in front of whatever you are trying to do, or she follows and throws her body against your legs and even occassionally chirps until she gets some love.  She also LOVES to hunt and play.  She is quite fearless, and she regularly demands to be vacuumed. =^..^=  She is a homozygous shorthair – her hair is shorter than most ESH, and she does not have as much undercoat – so she is very easy to maintain.  She eats mostly kibble, but does like a spoonful of raw or canned. She could be converted to a better, wet diet.



Pretty blue cream ESH female, to be spayed.  She is quite sweet and loves being doted on. She likes to follow and keep an eye on things, usually finding a sunny spot to nap in nearby.  She loves affection, but mostly is pretty independent and is not pushy.  A wildwoman when it comes to playing, however!  She doesn’t like being picked up or carried, but she does like to sit on laps or next to you – she will just come over and put herself where she is needed. Super plushy coat. Very loyal and affectionate - follows room to room. Spunky, plays like a crazy woman. Also loves sunny spots and watching birds : ) She is a bit of a kibble addict, but enjoys some canned, and could be converted.


Dilute calico ESH.  She was one of the prettiest kittens I ever had, and grew up to be a pretty girl. Unfortunately, she ended up in a really bad situation after she left me – and was neglected for a long time. When I stopped hearing from the people who I had placed her with, I tracked her down – and brought her back home when it was clear she was in a bad way. She needed surgery to save both her eyes, and she has healed very well from that.  One has a piece of tissue they used to patch the eye that is fading over time – that can now be accelerated, if someone wants to do that. I was just thrilled for her to keep both eyes – that wasn’t looking good when I picked her up.  She is slowly coming around again to being loved and part of a household.  She still spooks at some things, and it takes her a bit to decide to trust people – but she is getting better all the time.  And she is worth the wait – she is a sweet, silly girl when you have earned her trust : )  I would love to place her with Luna – her Mom, and protector.  I think she would acclimate to a new household faster if she stayed with her, or possibly with one of her other girlfriends.

Looking for an adult pic - for the moment, please enjoy some baby pics ;)


Cute little red ESH dude, neutered. He is quite the character, and we are very mixed about placing him – would have to be just the right situation.  He is such a funny little guy – on the small side (although he did grow some very late), big eyes, very expressive face. Sometimes looks a little to a lot grumpy, even though he isn’t (unless it is really grumpy, then he is! lol).  He isn’t afraid of much of anything, although he is relatively cautious and rarely gets himself into big predicaments. He loves to play, loves to sunbathe.  He loves attention, and is pretty cuddly most of the time.  He is not terribly pushy – but like most boys he actively seeks affection, especially if he feels he has been ignored.  He does require a little bit more maintenance that most of my kitties – he needs his face washed most days (just plain warm water on a washcloth), and he only eats a Raw diet and a little canned – absolutely no kibble.  They cause his ears to super produce gunk, which gets backed up and makes him very ill.  He will not eat kibble at all, smart kitty!


Gorgeous dilute calico adult, ELH/Persian.  Had one litter, hated it. : ) She is absolutely beautiful. On the petite side.  One of the prettiest faces I have had, and beautifully marked.  She is very sweet and personable.  I can’t believe I am placing her – but I think she would really shine and be happiest in a household where she had to compete less for the spotlight.  She loves pets and attention.  She isn’t a huge fan of being picked up and carried, although she tolerates it – but she does love laps and curling up with people.  She does not climb or jump up on to furniture at all.  She loves to chase laser beams and toys.  Her coat is silky and not super long – so easier to take care of than many Persians.  Currently she is growing out a teddy bear clip. She is on the smaller side.  One of the prettiest kitties you will see!


Picture coming soon!

Adult Pictures coming soon!


Very pretty red tabby boy.  He craves attention, and demands to be involved in whatever is going on in the house. He is an eternal kitten, always looking for something (and someone) to play with.  He loves to be picked up, sit on laps, ride on shoulders.  He is already neutered, was never bred.  He gets along well with other kitties, although at the beginning he can be a little overwhelming for some – and occasionally pushes some buttons. : ) He has a very easy care coat, which is also plush and full most of the year. He has a loud, rackety purr – which is going a LOT. =^..^= He chirps occasionally, but is mostly a fairly quiet kitty. He has not met a toy yet he wasn’t super duper excited about!


Pretty blue and white ESH spayed female.  Beautiful, huge deeply colored eyes and adorable little button nose.  Super plushy coat.  Very silly voice (although she doesn’t say much, she will let you know if she is out of food, is stuck somewhere, etc.). Loves to play, loves to chase lasers and sunbeams, watch birds, and occasionally help with whatever you are doing.  Very sweet, but not terribly needy – except when she is : )  She loves attention, but prefers to seek it out on her own, as opposed to being scooped up.  She is always nearby, if not in the middle of what I am doing. Lol.


Possibly a couple of other kitties. Keep checking back, or inquire : )


Finding good fits for my adults is something I take seriously, and have become quite adept at. Like most other good breeders, I reserve the right say no to any placement I don't feel is "just right" for any particular kitty at any time in the process.