Updated Feb 15th, 2018! 

(Apologies to those who have written and are waiting on a response from me - I have had a tremendous amount of stuff going on of late, but it is settling down - please email again if you want the fastest response!)

Occasionally we have pet or show quality Exotic and Persian kittens available.  Follow me on Facebook (www.facebook.com/MewzNewz) and Twitter @MewzNewz for timely updates, pictures, and newz!  You do not need a facebook account to view my page, and I keep it pretty up to date.

Please note: Working with these kitties is my hobby, not an income generator.  I do not always have kittens available when families inquire, because I only produce a few select litters each year.  Every breeding is planned with the hopes of improving my lines and meeting breed standards.  I do not breed pet quality parents for pet sales, but I do place high quality kittens in to pet homes.  We are worth the wait!  =^..^= More info at bottom of this page!

If you are interested in becoming a Mewz kitten family, please take a few minutes and read my Prospective Parent Information. Please also see NOTES at bottom of page!

EMAIL me if you are interested! (Please make first contact by email--thank you!)  =^..^=

All of the kitties I place have been seen by the vet, are up to date on vaccines, and eat a super premium diet.  I place the highest priority on the health of my kitties.  They are also well socialized - used to being loved on, bathed, nails trimmed, etc. I do not place kitties with litterbox issues. 

Currently Available

This is an incomplete list - I am still working on figuring out who is staying and who is looking for their forever family... placing these guys is really hard on me, I love each and every one! Please be patient with me :) And if there is a kitty you are particularly interested in that isn't on this list, inquire!

I do not have kittens available at this time, please check back later!

Pics below are clickable!


Hello, my name is Kozi.  I am awesome, and I know it!  I like to follow people around, help where I can (I am excellent help with laundry folding and meat prep, for example), and I offer pet and play therapy whenever you need it!  I love people, playing, and sunny spots where I can stretch out and watch what's going on.

Kozi is a sweet, playful girl.  She is fully an adult, but you wouldn't guess it by the way she plays : ) She is a little more "needy" than most of my girls - meaning she asks for attention more.  She loves to be the star of the show.  She is quite sweet and loves pets and being near/on you.  But she is pretty good at amusing herself, too!  

She produced a couple of wonderful litters for me, and deciding to place her has been really hard - but I think she would really thrive in a home where she (and maybe another kitty or two) were the stars of the show.  

She is a Blue Patched Tabby ESH Spay.  We call her the secret patch - because the couple tiny bits of cream she has are well hidden =^..^= She is homozygous for short coat - her coat is very plushy but shorter than most, so very easy to keep up!  She was a wonderful and unique purrsonality, and is going to make someone very happy : )

More pictures coming soon!

Other kitties!

  • Luna - pretty blue cream Exotic Shorthair female.  Super plushy coat.  Very loyal and affectionate - follows room to room.  Spunky, plays like a crazy woman.  Also loves sunny spots and watching birds : ) (pictured left)
  • Google - young adult, neutered Exotic Shorthair male.  Red tabby.  Googie matured late, and is a bit on the smaller side. BIG personality - he is very gregarious and happy.  Likes to play, is very affectionate and sweet. (pictured)
  • Dreamie - gorgeous dilute calico Persian/ELH female.  Just beautiful.  Silky, easier to care for coat. 



Hi, my name is Silas.  When people talk about me the first thing they usually say is "OMG, he is sooooo SWEET!", followed by compliments about my pretty and unusual coloring, and super soft, plushy coat.  

I love people.  I love being pet and snurzzled.  I love being groomed.  I love to play.  I also love food.  And watching birds out the window.

If you are looking for a kitty who always wants to be with you, loves pets and snuggles, and who can play with just about anything - Silas is your guy!  

Details: Pretty Cameo Classic Tabby ESH male.  They are fairly rare.  He has a fabulous coat - thick, very soft, extremely plush, and beautifully colored. (Pics do him NO justice!) He will make someone a super sweet, fancy pet!  He is only still available because I was too sick to follow thru with inquiries when he was a baby - just getting to them now.  He is an older kitten/very young adult.

I do have some other wonderful older kittens, young adults, and adults available to place!  I will add them here as I have time.  Some can be seen >>here<< and >>here<<, although those pages are not up to date.  Please email me with what you are looking for : )
NOTES:  Like most good breeders, I reserve the right of refusal for the sale of any cat or kitten, at any time and without explanation, prior to delivery. If a deposit has been paid it will be immediately refunded and the contract cancelled without further obligation to the buyer.

Health is important to us!  We only breed PKD, FIV/FelV negative cats. My kitties are free of mites, ringworm, and fleas, and are raised in a clean, home environment. 

All kittens are sold with a contract. 

Prices will vary depending on quality of kitty and terms of contract. I do not sell pet quality kittens with breeding rights, but I frequently place show quality kittens into pet homes.
We spay/neuter our kittens before they go home unless we have a written agreement not to.
Kittens are not ready for new homes until they are usually a minimum of 12 weeks old. Some kittens mature more slowly, and none will be placed until they are developmentally ready - physically and emotionally.  

Kittens will not be held without a deposit, and deposits are not refundable.  When inquiring please take a moment and introduce yourself - where you are located, what kind of kitten you are looking for as well as for show, breeder or pet. If you are a breeder please tell us about your program. 

Pricing guidelines:
Price will vary based on the kitten – conformation quality, pedigree, color, etc.  A show quality kitten is still a show quality kitten, even if it will never leave your living room. : )
Pet longhair kittens typically start at about $1000+, shorthair kittens run higher.
Premiership, show, and breeding contracts vary greatly.  The couple older kittens I have now are bargains!  Kittens come to you vaccinated, microchipped, with a health guarantee, and are very well socialized – and used to bathing, grooming, etc.

Adults are generally much less expensive than their kitten counterparts =^..^= 

I do not place kitties with litterbox issues.

Thank You!  

Past Kittens 

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(email is the best way to start!)
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