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Long time, no blog!

Posted by Michelle Merkel on Wednesday, February 15, 2012,
Wow, I’ve had a busy few weeks! Holidays were a busy time for me, and then January just shot by in a blur! 

The kitties have been busy growing like crazy. The two litters this fall have been a lot of fun, and I am having one heckuva time trying to figure out who to let go of! 

I did let Gus—now Bo—go to a new family, which was hard :) He is a beautiful boy, and I think he had a lot of potential for show and maybe breeding. But sometimes the right people just come along, and—for me—my ...

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Cleaning up after kitties... what rescue taught me.

Posted by Michelle Merkel on Tuesday, October 25, 2011,
Sometimes I find myself worrying about kitties--the ones that end up in the pound, put to sleep, or thrown out of homes because of behavioral problems.  Yesterday (and today) was one of those times.

For... well... as long as I can remember, I've been involved one way or another with rescue cats.  And dogs.  Be it the kitty someone dumped on the block and I brought home, or spending time in the Humane Society or animal control, or being a foster or organizer for a breed or general animal rescue...

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