Hi All :) 

 I can't believe how long it has been since I last made a blog post.  It is something I am always trying to get around to doing, and never quite make it :)  I've been super swamped again--kittens, kitties, work, home, family... you name it.  

The spring's kittens are all amazing individuals!  Luna's babies are a bunch of characters--all very nice quality, all super loving and attention hungry, all strong personalities.  They get SO excited to see me, EVERY time I am within eye shot :)  They are all so eager to just get a minute of my time--which they usually manage to get more than that--hence me always being a little behind my workload ;P  I will miss them terribly when they are gone to their new homes... sometimes I wonder how I will keep doing this...  ::sigh::

Secret's babies are gorgeous, and also super sweet.  I could not be more pleased--I have no idea how I will ever pick one or two to keep--they are just a dream come true.  I can't wait to see them in a couple months, but at the same time--time is flying by, and I hate for them to grow up.  They are all precocious--way ahead of the curve for eating solids, amongst other things.  Secret has her hands full :)

I am planning a couple more litters for this summer--all Exotics, and with Tootsie as the daddy for at least 2.  So many color possibilities, I am really excited to see what we get :)  

Hopefully I will have a little more time soon as things start to settle down, and I get caught back up with everything.  I have lots of information and ideas I would like to share--just need some time to get them all out!