Spring is here in the desert--lots of flowers - blooming, lots of bunnies - hopping, lots of hair - shedding :)  The girls are starting to cycle, so soon kittens will be on the way.  I am really looking forward to this spring's litters--I have 3 planned--2 Exotic litters and one pure Persian.  I know I am excited, but apparently others are, too, as I have already taken a few deposits for kittens in the upcoming litters.  It is so rewarding to hear that others love my kitties, too.  For me, I am living a little dream I had--surrounded by soft voices, pitter-pattering paws, purrs, sweet round faces, and big eyes.  Every where I look I see the kitties I was always dreaming of and searching for.  It is completely awesome in some ways, but I am reminded that it has its downsides, too--most notably having to let go of kittens when it is time for them to go to their new families.  I have been very fortunate in that I have had more families wanting kittens than kittens to give, and also that--for whatever reason--really nice people are drawn to my cats!  I will never produce more kittens than I could keep in a pinch; I will never place a kitten in a home I don't trust.  Not every home I choose is "perfect"--but I know my kitties very well, and I try to get to know the families I am working with well, too.  That allows me to make good matches.  In fact, my matches are becoming one of my best selling points--word gets around, I guess :)  Knowing they are going to good homes helps me with the process, but it is still incredibly hard.  These cats are my kids--I know each one inside out and have very strong bonds with each and every one, even the ones I know I will be letting go when their family comes along.  My kitties are awesome because they know, beyond the shadow of a doubt, that they are loved.  It's neat because people can see that--when I go to a show, when we visit the vet, when I have people in--you can see the love and confidence, and people notice it.