I am STILL trying to get some pictures of my younger exotic shorthair kittens from Luna.  We were planning on taking some this weekend, but the weather is very gray, and predicted to stay so.  Sooo... that will make it more challenging. Next weekend is a big show, tho, so I REALLY need to get some nice pictures to take with me--both to show off Rockstar's ability, and also because there may well be buyers there.  I think at least a couple of those babies may be for sale.

I DID manage to get some cute pictures of Pat the other day.  I am working on getting her ready for the show coming up.

 What a  cutie!  Her personality is really starting to come out--she was kind of quiet before, but she's getting sillier and more outgoing.  If I get half of what she's giving me at home at the show, I think she will do well!  A playful exotic shorthair kitten is hard to beat!  She is shaping up pretty nicely.  =^..^=