(written Tuesday, Oct 11)
I've decided I am going go ahead and enter Rockstar , my Persian male, in the Superstition cat show this Saturday.  I had been looking forward to it since last spring when I first started showing him in his short coat.  Some background information--I originally took Rockstar on as a project kitty--he was a nearly 4 year old male who'd been living in a cattery environment, and one that had never been shown.  He'd been clipped not too long before I met him, and had lots of stains from liking to dump his food in his water, letting it get mushy, and then wading thru it, amongst other things. :)  Since he is white, and his coat is naturally very cottony and porous--you can imagine the stains. I brought him out a month after he came home with me, and he looked pretty good,  He is such a nice kitty--quality-wise, and especially in heart.  He did really well at the couple shows I took him to--despite having no ruff, short hair, crispy spots in his coat where I'd had to bleach the stains, and having no public experience.  Then the show season wound down for summer, and I got busy...

When I was showing him in the spring I envisioned that by October he would have a big, long, healthy coat, and that I would bring him back out and knock everyone's socks off... Well, it is October ;)  We had a hot summer here in Phoenix, Arizona -- a particularly hot summer, even by our standards.  And my family was tight on money, so we kept it a little warmer than I'd hoped we might in the house.  

End result?  He does not have the totally amazing coat I was dreaming about.  BUT... I was looking at his spring pictures, and he looks sooo much better.  It's all new coat, all well maintained coat.  It's considerably longer.  He has a small ruff.  His tail is beautiful.  He's carrying a little more weight, although he's dropped a bit in the last month <.<