We survived :)  He was a tired boy--I got him up at 3:30am for his bath, and I think he had gone to sleep late, too.  He was pretty good for it tho.  I rushed it just a bit, and it showed--his coat was ever so slightly off in texture, and I didn't leave products on his feet and chest quite long enough to remove the bit of yellowing he gets from his food.

That said, I had 3 judges tell the audience about what a great job someone had done with him and his presentation while they were handling them.  I was very pleased with that.  Judge Vicki Nye was especially sweet about that, and I had hoped Stephen had gotten her championship final comments on video, but alas, no.  Both she and Judge Betty White said lots of really nice things about him.

I was happy with how things went at the end of the day.  We ended up with a 2nd in LH championship, a 3rd in LH championship, and a 3rd in all breed championship.  Considering he was decidedly underweight, and the competition in Bi-Color Persians alone was tough (great competition all around--many, many VERY nice cats at this show!), he did great.  We did great ;)

I also met some very nice people this time around.  I was benched next to a very nice lady who was at her first show with a very nice kitty.  It was fun to watch her, especially coming back with ribbons.  She was also kind enough to take a few pictures of Rockstar while he was lounging around on his table waiting for classes.  On the other side of me was one of the ladies I consider a mentor, and someone I had not seen for quite a while.  It was a pleasure to watch her with her kitties, get her insight, and just chat.  Another mentor came and watched the show for a while, and although I did not get to spend much time with her, it was great to see her--and hopefully I will see her again soon and get some input on my babies.  I also met a very nice lady who traveled all the way from Seattle for the show with her beautiful odd eyed bicolor kitten.  I am hoping we can continue getting to know one another long distance--she has beautiful kitties.

A good day all around!