"Nesting" is not uncommon for women who are expecting--an urge to get everything ready for the new baby--cleaning, organizing, and making a nice environment.  I find myself doing this behavior, too... for my kittens coming.  Three litters of kittens this spring--two litters of Exotic kittens, and one litter of pure Persian kittens.  I am so excited!  Last year I gutted a bedroom, painted and decorated it.  I chose a soft aqua and cream for the walls, with bright white trim.  Soft lighting. A nice nursery.  This time around I tore all the flooring out of that room, and another, put down new laminate, and in the other room painted a nice sunshiny yellow with white trim.  I am almost finished with my projects, finally--well in time for my litters to come.

Momma cats nest, too, but they do it kind of last minute.  Luna, who has some experience, likes to start inspecting and trying out everything about a week before she's due, and gets very serious about it in the 24 hours before she delivers.  She watches everything I put in and clean for her, and she jumps in and out, up on, checks under... everything.  She tries out places for sleeping, I catch her napping in spots for kittening.  She really likes to go around with me and I chat with her about everything.  When she takes her time, I know I need to keep an eye on her closely, because babies are coming soon.  Kozi, on the other hand, had her first litter last summer--and I had to work on getting her to come around with me and check on things.  She slept in a few spots, but never picked anywhere special.  When the time came for birth, she ended up being upset and concerned about a) what was going on, and b) where she should do it.  Contractions got hard, and she was running between spots.  I finally ended up leaving her with just one box (I made the choice for her!), and that worked out OK.  I wonder if she will be any different this time around...

I find myself daydreaming about the coming kittens a lot.  I have a list of possible names I probably won't use, and I've worked out probabilities for color and sex.  I talk to tummys a lot, and to the mommies--asking them how they are feeling and what they have in store for me.  Sometimes I wonder if what I am going through is anything like what a spouse feels for an upcoming birth... or maybe grandchildren.  

I can't wait :) Of course I have to, unlike Christmas I can't peek at the gifts I know are coming.  But it's hard.  And wonderful at the same time!  =^..^=