Persian and Exotic cats look best with a nice layer of fat over some good muscle tone.  My cats tend to do the muscle tone just fine.  It's the extra fat I never seem to be able to pack on them.  Don't get me wrong--you don't want them to be obese or FAT, per se, but very round--it just goes with the look.  Everything on them is supposed to be rounded.  Persian and Exotic kittens, in particular, look especially appealing a little plump.  My kitties are by no means thin, but I always feel like I am fighting to get them round--and the best cats at the shows always look great.  In some cases, that bit of fat is what has kept my cat from winning--the condition another kitty had gave them the edge.  I have had judges tell me after the show they just need to be fattened up a bit...

I've tried RAW before, but--while it was an interesting novelty for a while--I have never had anyone eat enough of it, or for long enough for it to make much of an impact.  No matter the cut, variety, species--no real impact.  While I was at the show I picked up a couple of tubes of a "kitten mix" pre-made RAW diet.  In addition to lean beef it has chicken, egg yolk, beef heart, ground bone, and ground egg shell.  What I noticed first is that it has a lot of blood in it, and also that the texture is small, but has definite bits in it.

I actually bought it for my exotic kittens from Kozi and Rockstar.  I figured part of the problem with the others not eating it was that they hadn't been started on it until they were mature, or at least older--in Pie's case, 8mo.  On the way to see the kittens with their first try, I stopped by Rockstar's (my Persian male) room and let him try a piece.  The same cat I couldn't coax to eat more than a few bites last spring was VERY eager to eat whatever I would give him of this. 

The kittens were like "uh..." at first, short of Pinny, who dove right in with both front feet.  That was funny, because she was the last, and most apprehensive, about weaning and big kid food--especially canned.  Promise and Paisley wanted the first bit off my fingers only, but were very interested.  Protege is having a bad day and upset tummy, so I can't gauge him.  Kozi, my exotic shorthair mom, is still not interested.

At dinnertime I brought some more of the raw in for the kittens--and they were VERY enthusiastic about it.  The big patty I had brought up was gone in a flash!  They were looking for more.

So--I have great hope that maybe this time around, with this new product, and starting them early, I may finally have some nice round exotic kittens to show in a couple months.  These guys are already doing great for weight, but I am hoping this will help keep them round when the gawky/gangly stages set in.