Luna, my bluecream Exotic, had a litter of three last month.  Two boys, 1 girl.  The boys are both shorthairs--one cream tabby with white, and one blue tabby who has high white.  The little girl is a cream and white longhair.

The blue tabby and white shorthair--Gus, although Stephen keeps calling him Elvis--has gorgeous markings, and beautiful eyes.  The cream tabby and white shorthair guy--Scooter--is uber compact, and very, very outgoing.  He has the shortest tail I've seen, in fact a short spine altogether--back and neck included, which is great.  Skeeter--the longhair girl--has a really lovely face--different than my other cats--and a tophead that looks very promising.  And tiny, tiny ears.  She's adorable, a diva already, but also sweet and purring and playful.  All of them have very nice, people oriented personalities, and lots of energy.  They are all super healthy and robust, which is marvelous.

This weekend we are going to try and take some pictures of them.  I will post some if we get any good ones :)