Wow, I’ve had a busy few weeks! Holidays were a busy time for me, and then January just shot by in a blur! 

The kitties have been busy growing like crazy. The two litters this fall have been a lot of fun, and I am having one heckuva time trying to figure out who to let go of! 

I did let Gus—now Bo—go to a new family, which was hard :) He is a beautiful boy, and I think he had a lot of potential for show and maybe breeding. But sometimes the right people just come along, and—for me—my main concern is happy kitties and happy families. Bo’s people were an absolute perfect fit. Tracey (his new mom) and I had lots of good conversations and I knew they’d make a great home for one of my babies. When she and James came to visit, not knowing who they would take, I showed them all my kittens. They loved my little blue dude, and after much thinking on my part I knew that was the right thing for him and for them. For me? Well… I really liked him for my program, but at the same time knowing he is very happy, content, and getting as much love as he can handle makes me very happy, too. And I am glad to have this new family in my circle of friends :) So yes, good all around! 

I also placed my funny little “whoopsie” Selkirk Rex girl, Squeek—now Briley. She met a very nice lady at the show in December, and I was very happy when she called me in January! What a great match—just one of those things, I knew it was meant to be. She is now happily spoiled, along with her new sister :) They’ve made friends, and her new mom Susan has been sending me pictures and updates—I am so glad for her. She was a very special kitty—and even though she didn’t belong here, I loved her very much. I feel like she is where she belongs now, and that is such a good feeling. 

I always worry about my kitties—I think most breeders do. That and letting go of them are the two hardest parts for me with breeding. It is good to have 2 really fantastic placements, homes I don’t have to worry about—and new found friends and kitty family :) 

I’ve had a lot of interest in my other kitties and upcoming litters lately—and I have gotten some really good vibes from some of these people, too, so hopefully I will have some more good placement stories to share soon. Assuming I can make up my mind on who I can part with! :) These two nice litters have been a sort of mixed blessing, I can’t believe I am complaining about the luck I had with them! But! Rational me knows I can’t keep them all, and that keeping to much of identical breeding is a bad idea—for my cattery. Emotional me is soooo excited to having this many beautiful kitties—I got two litters of the kittens I was always searching for… and it is very hard for me to share! =^..^=