Hello All =^..^=

Just a quick note to let you know that Luna and Rockstar's babies arrived safely--mom and babies are all doing well.  They had 4 kittens--2 blue and white (can already see classic tabby racing stripes on the big boy!), and 2 cream and white.  I have posted inital information on my "kittens" page on my website, but they will have their own page soon.


I can already see purrsonalities emerging, tiny kittens tho they may be :)  Everybody purrs, we have a boss already, a worrier, and all are mellow and cuddly.  Markings are super cute--can't wait until they are a little bigger and I can start taking some cute pictures to show them off!

More to come soon--on these kittens as well as the two litters coming soon.  Can't wait!