Happy little story...

I took in two exotics that had been neglected and abandoned.  They were incredibly skinny, incredibly dirty, and incredibly shy.  One had a big open gash on her shoulder/leg--to the degree you could see the muscle underneath.  A real mess--I was worried maybe I wouldn't be able to find them homes, and I couldn't keep them long term--but I couldn't say no, either, because they were going to have to go to animal control if I didn't step in--and given their condition, they would have been put to sleep.  

So I isolated them, which was  not at all convenient for anyone.  I nursed them--first treating wounds, then bathing and grooming--all the while working on social skills and feeding them whatever I could get into them.  Bathing and resocializing don't go together all that well for cats, but I did my best to show them love and compassion, understanding.  The girl came around first.  The boy took stumbling upon his weakness--string--to bring him around.  Ah--the power of string!  After a few weeks the two were feeling better.  I had some hope maybe they would come around.  They were still depressed, but stablizing.  A nice lady emailed me asking about available kittens shortly after I took on the task of rehabbing them.  Things shaped up that her family was interested in my two little urchins over the following few weeks.  I continued to work with them, and it's funny...

About the time she made it clear she was really excited about them to me, they both made HUGE strides in overcoming things.  Baths were much less a struggle, much of the shyness fell by the wayside.  Both started eating better.  There were no other changes, just that their future had appeared on the horizon--and it was bright.  I am sure they knew this, understood.  Two cats who had been neglected and abandoned were now wanted and excitedly anticipated, by a family.

Two weekends ago I met Tiffani and part of her family face to face when we met for her to take them home.  We had talked quite a bit by email, and I felt like I knew she was the right place for them to be.  The two scared kitties I had come to know went quietly and confidently with her.  She tells me they still hide out sometimes, but that they are integrating well, and coming right along.

And now they have names-- Lucy and Ricki -- the Ricardos.  If you had met the girl, you would understand--there is no more perfect name.  It is just another reason I believe this was all meant to be--she "gets" them.  :)

Thank you Tiffani and family, I wish you all the best and many happy years together.