Hey, I can see I have a couple people checking in to my blog regularly--Hi!  And I apologize for not keeping up a little better :)  I DID post some updates to each kitties page in a timely manner, just slow on getting a blog post out.

Had a fantastic show here in Phoenix Dec 10-11th!  I took too many kitties (6), and didn't get to spend as much time enjoying the show--but it was GREAT!


First, my Persian boy Rockstar (above) is now a Grand Champion!  It was perfect-- judge Betty White gave him his first final at his first show (and said so many nice things about him, even in his short coat), and was also the judge to award him the points to finish his grand!  He also made several finals over the weekend, so he finished with many points to spare.

Second, Mewz Pretty, Pretty Paisley --one of Rockstar's Exotic daughters -- did especially well, and made 2 kitten finals!  She was only a couple days over 4 months, but handled herself like a pro!  She beat several campaigner kittens to make the finals--Phoenix was a huge kitten show, and the Exotic class was enormous!  So that was very exciting for me :) Judges had very many nice and encouraging things to say about my litter (I entered all 4, LOL)--the kittens were a hit!   Pat and Promise were both crowd pleasers with their playful antics, and Penny was her usual super cute self.  Each of them had some good wins, but Paisley was the overall favorite. I am anxious to continue bring them out and see if that holds--Paisley is indeed a gorgeous baby, but I think the others are also pretty special--and am curious to see how they challenge her.  Fun!

I had the good fortune of meeting and chatting with several very nice people at this show, as well as getting to spend a little time with my mentors--who I do not get to see enough of.  It was a great experience all around.