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Litter Advice

Posted by Michelle Merkel on Friday, November 25, 2011,

te Litter Advice!  Exotic shorthair kitties are pretty straight forward to take care of.  Persians and Exotic longhairs take a bit more thinking--their very hairy feet and sometimes long, long coats cat require a little accommodation.  Also, there are lots of products on the market these days, and it gets expensive trying everything.  Having a house full of cats, I do some experimenting with, especially with products I am hearing a lot of great things about.


v  I use and strongly recommen...

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Luna's kittens

Posted by Michelle Merkel on Saturday, November 12, 2011,

Luna, my bluecream Exotic, had a litter of three last month.  Two boys, 1 girl.  The boys are both shorthairs--one cream tabby with white, and one blue tabby who has high white.  The little girl is a cream and white longhair.

The blue tabby and white shorthair--Gus, although Stephen keeps calling him Elvis--has gorgeous markings, and beautiful eyes.  The cream tabby and white shorthair guy--Scooter--is uber compact, and very, very outgoing.  He has the shortest tail I've seen, in fact a short ...

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