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Belated Little Update

Posted by Michelle Merkel on Thursday, December 22, 2011,

Hey, I can see I have a couple people checking in to my blog regularly--Hi!  And I apologize for not keeping up a little better :)  I DID post some updates to each kitties page in a timely manner, just slow on getting a blog post out.

Had a fantastic show here in Phoenix Dec 10-11th!  I took too many kitties (6), and didn't get to spend as much time enjoying the show--but it was GREAT!


First, my Persian boy Rockstar (above) is now a Grand Champion!  It was perfect-- judge Betty White gave him...

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Pictures of Patti

Posted by Michelle Merkel on Saturday, December 3, 2011,

I am STILL trying to get some pictures of my younger exotic shorthair kittens from Luna.  We were planning on taking some this weekend, but the weather is very gray, and predicted to stay so.  Sooo... that will make it more challenging. Next weekend is a big show, tho, so I REALLY need to get some nice pictures to take with me--both to show off Rockstar's ability, and also because there may well be buyers there.  I think at least a couple of those babies may be for sale.

I DID manage to get so...

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